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Printers using these old-style printer ribbons are cheap, st, ultra-reliable, and can take more abuse than other modern printers. With noise not being a consideration, they can operate with little maintenance required. Tractor feed triplicate can be fed into them for instant printing of several copies at the same time. Using this along with a cheap printer ribbon is much more cost-effective than running multiple copies through an ink jet or toner-based laser printer. Some printer ribbons can even be re-inked to extend their use.

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To many, printer ribbons may seem a thing of the past. However, there are many cases where a traditional ribbon-based printer can still be put to good use. Many retail businesses continue to rely on such printers when carbon copies are still required. When a customer checks out, businesses can print an invoice for the customer, a vendor and themselves all at the same time. The printer feeds in the , the print head runs along the top copy while striking the printer ribbon against it, and the force of the impact upon the first copy presses this copy through to the copies below, working in a way almost identical to the way old-shioned carbon worked.

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Printer ribbons are based on the technology used in typewriters and other printing machines pre-dating computer printer technology. They are scrolling ribbons attached to spools on each end. A print head, either daisywheel or dot-matrix, makes contact with the ribbon to transfer ink embedded on the ribbon to the printer . Daisywheel print heads contain the exact shape of each character to be printed, much like a typewriter. A dot-matrix printer head, however, contains individual dots that allow the creation of more than a limited set of characters. Dot-matrix print heads increase flexibility at the cost of speed.

There is very little difference between OEM printer ribbons and their aftermarket counterparts. Most aftermarket ribbons are made by the same manucturers using the same components. The only difference is the package and labeling. In ct, some aftermarket ribbons are known to last longer than OEM ribbons.

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