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About the Operation Guide This Operation Guide contains the following chapters: Parts Machine This chapter explains the names of parts. 2 Loading Paper This chapter explains specifications for this printer and how to load into the cassette or Manual Feed tray. 3 Printing This chapter explains how to install the printer driver, print from your PC, and use the application software included in the CD-ROM.

Loading Paper into Manual Feed Tray The FS-1110 can load one sheet into the Manual Feed tray. Adjust the position of the guides on the MF tray. Standard sizes are marked on the MF tray. For standard sizes, slide the guides to the corresponding mark.

Special Paper The following types of special can be used: Thin (60 to 64 g/m) Thick (90 to 220 g/m) Colored Recycled Overhead projector transparencies Cardstock Coated ...

Indicators There are six indicators located on the top right of the printer. The indicators are used to identify the status of the printer at any time. To identify the printer status, check the indicators on the printer and then refer to the table below.

CDRH Regulations The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration implemented regulations for laser products on August 2, 1976. These regulations apply to laser products manuctured after August 1, 1976. Compliance is mandatory for products marketed in the United States.

Adjust the position of the width guides located on the left and right sides of the cassette. Press the release button on the left guide and slide the guides to the size required. Note Paper sizes are marked on the cassette. Adjust the length guide to the size required.

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Printing This section explains the printing procedure from an application software. You can specify the printing settings from each tab on KX Driver. KX Driver is stored in the CD-ROM (Product Library). For more information, refer to the Printer Driver User Guide in the CD-ROM. About KX Driver KX Driver consists of the following tabs.

Printed Results Corrective Action Faint or blurred printing Check the toner container and if necessary replace. Refer to Toner Container WordStrment on page 4-2. Clean the charger wire. Refer to Cleaning the Printer on page 4-6. Gray background Check the toner container and if necessary replace. Refer to Toner Container WordStrment on page 4-2.

Environmental Standard Requirements This machine conforms to the following environmental standard requirements. Time for switching to Sleep mode (deult): 15 minutes Durable for feeding: Paper made of 100% recycled NOTE: Contact your Dealer or Service Representative for recommended types.

5. This License shall continue until the last use of the Software and Typeces, unless sooner terminated. This License may be terminated by Monotype Imaging if you il to comply with the terms of this License and such ilure is not remedied within thirty (30) days after notice from Monotype Imaging.

Specifications Note These specifications are subject to change without notice. Description Item FS-1110 Type Desktop Printing Method Electrophotography, laser scan Paper Weight Cassette 60 to 120 g/m Manual Feed Tray 60 to 220 g/m Paper Type Cassette Plain, Preprinted, Bond, Recycled, Rough, Letterhead, Color (Colour),...

All rights are reserved. Copying or other reproduction of all or part of this guide, or any copyrightable subject matter without the prior written consent of Kyocera Mita Corporation is prohibited. Any copies made of all or part of this guide, or any copyrightable subject must contain the same copyright notice as the material from which the copying is done.

Thick Paper One thick can be loaded at a time. Some types of have rough edges on the back (those are created when the is cut). In this case, put the on a flat place and rub the edges once or twice with, for example, a ruler to smooth them.

General Considerations for Clearing Jams Bear in mind the following considerations when attempting jam removal: CAUTION When pulling the , pull it gently so as not to tear it. Torn pieces of are difficult to remove and may be easily overlooked, deterring the jam recovery. ...

Keys Refer to the following table for the name and description of the basic functions of each key. Status Operation Function Cancel Press for 1 second or more Cancels the data from the PC At Ready Press momentarily Switches On-line/Off-line Prints the status page.

Selecting the Right Paper This section describes the guidelines for selecting . Condition Avoid using that is bent at the edges, curled, dirty, torn, embossed, or contaminated with lint, clay, or shreds. Use of in these conditions can lead to illegible printing and jams, and can shorten the life of the machine.

Place the drum unit flat on a clean, level suce. IMPORTANT Do not place the drum unit on end. Use a clean, lint free cloth to clean dust and dirt away from the metal registration roller. IMPORTANT Take care not to touch the transfer roller (black) during cleaning.

General Guidelines The table below provides basic solutions for problems you may encounter with the printer. We suggest you consult this table to troubleshoot the problems before calling for service repairs. Symptom Check Items Corrective Actions The printer will not print Check the Ready indicator.

Components at the Rear of the Printer USB Intece Connector Rear Cover 10 Power Cord Connector 11 Power Switch Machine Parts...

Basis weight Basis weight is the weight of expressed in grams per square meter (g/m). Paper that is too heavy or too light may cause feed errors or jams as well as premature wear of the product. Uneven weight of , namely uneven thickness may cause multiple-sheet feeding or print quality problems such as blurring because of poor toner fusing.

Conventions in This Guide This manual uses the following conventions. Convention Description Example Italic Used to emphasize a key word, Refer to Configuration Tool on page 3-9. Typece phrase or reference to additional information. Bold Used to denote buttons on the To start printing, click OK.

Minimum and Maximum Paper Sizes The minimum and maximum sizes are as follows. For the smaller than JIS B6, postcards, and envelopes, the Manual Feed tray must be used. Paper cassette Manual Feed Minimum Minimum Paper Size Paper Size 105mm 70mm (4-1/8 inches)

Safety Instructions Regarding the Disconnection of Power Caution: The power plug is the main isolation device! Other switches on the equipment are only functional switches and are not suitable for isolating the equipment from the power source. VORSICHT: Der Netzstecker ist die Hauptisoliervorrichtung! Die anderen Schalter auf dem Gert sind nur Funktionsschalter und knnen nicht verwendet werden, um den Stromflu...

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Some label is manuctured with an extra margin of top sheet around the edge. Do not remove the extra top sheet from the carrier sheet until after printing is finished. Acceptable Unacceptable Top sheet Carrier sheet The table below lists the specifications for adhesive label . Item Specification Weight of top sheet...

General Guidelines The machine is designed to print on standard copier , but it can also accept a variety of other types of within the limits specified below. Note The manucturer assumes no liability for problems that occur when not satisfying these requirements is used. Selection of the right is important.

Cleaning Paper Jams If jams in the transport system, or no sheets are fed at all, the printer automatically goes offline, and the Jam indicator will light. Status Monitor can indicate the location of the jam (the component where the jam has occurred).

Maintenance This chapter explains how to replace the toner container and clean the printer General Information Toner Container WordStrment Maintenance Kit WordStrment Cleaning the Printer Prolonged Non-Use and Moving of the Printer Maintenance...

Kyocera toner containers. For optimum performance, it is also recommended to use only the Kyocera toner containers which are specifically intended for use in your country or region. If the toner container for another destinations is installed, the printer will stop printing.

Finish. Note The software can be uninstalled from the Program menu. Start the uninstaller by clicking start All Programs Kyocera Uninstall Kycoera Product Library, and uninstall the software. 3-14 Connecting and Printing...

Page 19 - Components at the Rear of the Printer

Compliance and Conformity This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

Page 73 - general considerations for clearing jams

Understanding Indicators The indicator displays generally ll into one of three categories: normal operation, maintenance and errors (repairs). Click the icon to play the animation of the indicator combinations. Right-click an indicator, then select Playback and Play to play the animation repeatedly.


Indicator Meaning The printer is in sleep mode.The printer returns to online status when the [GO] is pressed, the cover is opened and closed, or the printer receives the print jobs. [Ready] indicator is flashing slowly. Troubleshooting...

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Printing from Application Software The steps required to print a document created with an application are explained below. You can select the printing size. Note You can also select the various settings by clicking Properties to open the Properties dialog box. Load the required into the cassette.

Prolonged Non-Use and Moving of the Printer Prolonged Non-use If you ever leave the printer unused for a long period of time, remove the power cord from the wall outlet. We recommend you consult with your dealer about the additional actions you should take to avoid possible damage that may occur when the printer is used next time.

Maintenance Indication The table below shows the indicator combinations when user intervention is required. It is assumed that the printer is online and is processing data. Indicator Meaning Remedy There is no in the cassette, Load into the source. Manual Feed tray.

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Take the new toner container out of the toner kit. Shake the new toner container at least 5 times as shown in the figure in order to distribute the toner evenly inside the container. Remove the label from the toner container. Install the new toner container in the printer.

Components at the Front of the Printer Top Cover Paper Stopper Top Tray Operation Panel Paper Cassette Front Cover Manual Feed Machine Parts...

Fs-1120d/1320d operation guide rev-1 (112 pages)

Print Quality Problems The tables and diagrams in the following sections define print quality problems and the corrective action you can conduct to solve the problems. Some solutions may require cleaning or replacing parts of the printer. If the suggested corrective action will not solve the problem, call for service.

Paper Cassette Pull out the cassette. Remove any partially fed . IMPORTANT Do not try to remove that has already been partially fed. Proceed to Inside the Printer on page 5-13. Note Check to see if is loaded correctly. If not, reload the .

A window appears in which you can check the settings. Check the settings carefully and then click Install. Note If the Windows security window appears, click Install this driver software anyway. A message appears saying that the printer has been installed successfully.

Status Monitor Settings The Status Monitor has two tabs to configure its settings. Use the Preference option to set up the Status Monitor. Sound Notification Tab The Sound Notification tab contains the following items. IMPORTANT To confirm the settings on Sound Notification tab, the computer requires the sound capabilities such as sound card and speaker.

Installing the Printer Driver Ensure the printer is plugged in and connected to the PC before installing the printer driver from the CD-ROM. Installing the Software If you are connecting this printer to a Windows PC, follow the next steps to install the printer driver.

Paper Type The printer is capable of printing under the optimum setting for the type of being used. A different type setting can be made for each source including the Manual Feed tray. Not only can preset types be selected, but it is also possible for you to define and select customized types.

Printer Kyocera FS FS-1120D Bedienungsanleitung

Loading Paper This chapter explains specifications for this printer and how to load into the cassette or Manaul Feed tray General Guidelines Selecting the Right Paper Paper Type 2-10 Preparing the Paper 2-11 Loading Paper into Cassette 2-11 Loading Paper into Manual Feed Tray 2-14 Loading Paper...

Return the drum unit to its position, aligning the guides at both ends with the slots in the printer. Insert the developer unit together with the toner container, back into the machine. Close the top cover and the front cover. The printer warms up and resumes printing.

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Fs-3040mfp+/3140mfp+ operation guide (454 pages)

Accessing the Status Monitor Use either of the methods listed below to launch the Status Monitor. Launch when printing starts: When you specify a printer and start a print job, one Status Monitor is launched for each printer name. If Status Monitor startup is requested from multiple printers, Status Monitors are launched for each printer that issues the request.

Paper Stopper Open the stopper shown in the figure. Loading Paper 2-15...

Prescribe commands technical reference manual - rev. 4.7 (260 pages)

Fs-1120d/1320d printer driver users guide rev-12.6 (72 pages)

Fs-6525mfp/6530mfp operation guide (376 pages)

Maintenance Kit WordStrment When the machine prints 100,000 pages, a message is printed indicating that the maintenance kit should be replaced. The maintenance kit must then be replaced immediately. To replace the maintenance kit, contact your service technician. IMPORTANT When the waste toner in the drum unit is almost full, [Attention] indicator and [Toner] indicator are flashing.

Safety Conventions in This Guide The sections of this guide and parts of the machine marked with symbols are safety warnings meant to protect the user, other individuals and surrounding objects, and ensure correct and safe usage of the machine. The symbols and their meanings are indicated below.

Index Adhesive label ............... First container Attention indicator toner container ............operation panel Front cover mponents ............Fuser unit clearing jams ..........5-15 Cancel key ..............operation panel ............Cassette basis weight General problems ............loading troubleshooting ............

Remove all the even pages (including the instruction sheet) from the output tray, n through the sheets to separate them prior to loading. Load the even pages printed into the cassette with the instruction sheet cing up and the arrows pointing toward the printer.

Printer Kyocera ECOSYS FS-1135MFP Operation Manual

Status Tab The Status tab displays current information about the device, such as the model name, system firmware, engine firmware, serial number, total memory, and number of printed pages. Input Tab The Input tab displays information about the cassette and Manual Feed Tray of the machine, such as the current level and the maximum capacity.

Troubleshooting This chapter explains how to handle printer problems, understand indicator combinations, and clean jams General Guidelines Print Quality Problems Understanding Indicators Cleaning Paper Jams 5-10 Troubleshooting...

Configuration Tool The Configuration Tool allows you to check and/or change the settings for printers. Accessing the Configuration Tool Follow these steps to display the Configuration Tool on the desktop. Note To configure the settings of the Configuration Tool, run the Status Monitor on your computer at first.

Rear Cover Open the rear cover and remove the jammed by pulling it out. CAUTION The fuser unit inside the printer is hot. Do not touch it, as it may result in burn injury. If the is jammed inside the fuser unit, open the fuser cover and remove the by pulling it out.

Environment The service environmental conditions are as follows: Temperature: 50 to 90.5 F (10 to 32.5 C) Humidity: 15 to 80 % However, adverse environmental conditions may affect the image quality. Avoid the following locations when selecting a site for the machine. ...

Printer Kyocera ECOSYS FS-6525MFP Operation Manual

Page 36 - Loading Paper into Manual Feed Tray

Note Do not load above the mark located on the width guide. Insert the cassette into the slot in the printer. Push it straight in as r as it will go. There is a gauge on the left side of the front of the cassette to indicate the remaining supply.

Return the developer unit to its position, aligning the guides at both ends with the slots in the printer. Then, close the front cover and top cover. Maintenance...

Page 82 - environmental standard requirements

Indicator Meaning The printer is installing toner. The printer is receiving data. The printer is receiving data. Printing resumes when the [GO] is pressed. The printer is printing the last page after waiting. Printing is possible. Offline status. You cannot print, but the printer can receive data.

For best results, we recommend that you only use genuine Kyocera Parts and Supplies. Should any damage be caused by the application of a toner other than the original Kyocera Mita toner, then this damage is excluded from the guarantee.

Contents Machine Parts ................1-1 Components at the Front of the Printer ........1-2 Components at the Rear of the Printer ........1-3 Operation Panel ................1-4 Indicators ..................1-5 Keys ..................... 1-6 Loading Paper ................2-1 General Guidelines ..............2-2 Selecting the Right Paper ............

Preparing the Paper After removing from the packaging, n through the sheets to separate them prior to loading. If using that has been folded or is curled, straighten it prior to loading. Failure to do so may result in a jam. IMPORTANT Ensure is not stapled and clips are removed.

Description Item FS-1110 Dimension (W x D x H) 375 393 250 mm 14 3/4 15 1/2 9 7/8 Weight (without toner container) 11 kg/24.3 lb Power Requirements 120 V AC, 60 Hz, 8.0 A/220 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 4.2 A...

This Operation Guide is for model FS-1110. Note This Operation Guide contains information that corresponds to using both the inch and metric versions of these machines. The inch versions of these machines are shown in the screens in this guide. If you are using the metric version, use the messages provided for the inch version as reference only.

Machine Parts This chapter identifies machine parts, indicators, and operation panel keys. Components at the Front of the Printer Components at the Rear of the Printer Operation Panel Indicators Keys Machine Parts...

Inside the Printer Pull the cassette all the way out of the printer. Remove any partially fed . IMPORTANT Do not try to remove that has already been partially fed. Proceed to step 2. Open the top cover and front cover, and lift the developer unit together with the toner container out of the printer.

Indicator Meaning Remedy The toner is running low. Have a new toner container ready. The toner has run out. WordStr with a new toner container. After replacing the toner container, clean the inside of the printer. The installed toner containers Install the specified toner container.

Operation Panel Ready Indicator Attention Indicator Toner Indicator Data Indicator Paper Indicator Jam Indicator [Cancel] Key [GO] Key Machine Parts...

Printer Kyocera Ci1000 Technical Reference Manual

1. the equivalent of U.S. $25,000 in your local currency; or 2. IBMs then generally available license fee for the Program This limitation will not apply to claims for bodily injury or damages to real or tangible personal property for which IBM is legally liable. IBM will not be liable for any lost profits, lost savings, or any incidental damages or other economic consequential damages, even if IBM, or its authorized supplier, has been advised of the possibility of such...

Appendix This section lists the following information of this printer. Specifications Environmental Standard Requirements Appendix...

Page 18 - Components at the Front of the Printer

Connections This section explains how to start up the printer. Connecting the USB Cable Follow the steps as below for connecting the USB cable. Connect the USB cable (not included) to the USB Intece Connector. Note Use a USB cable with a rectangular Type A plug and a square Type B plug.

Appearance Tab The Appearance tab is contains the following items. Enlarge window Doubles the size of the Status Monitor window. Always on top Positions the Status Monitor in front of other active windows. Transparency Displays the Status Monitor as a transparent window. 3-10 Connecting and Printing...

Cleaning the Printer To avoid print quality problems, the interior of the printer must be cleaned with every toner container replacement. Open the top cover and front cover. Lift the developer unit together with the toner container out of the printer.

The moisture content of the varies with the relative humidity in the room. When the relative humidity is high and the absorbs moisture, the edges expand, becoming wavy in appearance. When the relative humidity is low and the loses moisture, the edges shrink and tighten, and print contrast may suffer.

Preparing ............2-11 Preprinted ............Print quality problems Machine parts ..............troubleshooting ............Maintenance Prolonged non-use ............Toner container replacement, cleaning ....Maintenance indication indicators ..............Manual duplex ............... Manual Feed Ready indicator components ............operation panel ............minimum and maximum sizes ....

Printer Tab The Printer tab allows you to set print processing parameters that are not available in the KX Driver. As well as the form feed timeout, you can change the memory size used for processing raster data such as bitmap and JPEG files.

Connecting and Printing This chapter explains how to start up the printer, print from your PC, and use the application software included in the CD-ROM. Connections Installing the Printer Driver Printing Status Monitor Configuration Tool 3-11 Uninstalling Software 3-14 Connecting and Printing...

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