REPLACE sharp mx toner MENT OF

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Pull the toner cartridge toward you.Gently pull out the toner cartridge horizontally.

Do not throw a toner cartridge into a fire. Toner may fly and cause burns.

Take out a new toner cartridge from its package and shake it five or six times.

You should keep one set of replacement toner cartridges on hand so that you can replace a toner cartridge immediately when toner runs out.When toner is running low, the message Toner Low (Do not replace cartridge until requested) appears. When this message appears, prepare a toner cartridge for replacement.

When the amount of toner decreases further, the message Ready to scan for copy. (Change the toner cartridge.) appears. When this message appears, replace the toner cartridge.

Close the front cover.After the toner cartridge is replaced, the machine automatically enters image adjustment mode. Do not open the front cover while this is occurring.

Hold the toner cartridge with both hands as shown and slowly pull it out of the machine.

Push the cartridge in until it locks securely in place.Keep pushing in the cartridge until it clicks into place.

Store toner cartridges out of reach of small children.

If a toner cartridge is stored on end, the toner may harden and become unusable. Always store toner cartridges on their side.

Keep used toner cartridges in a plastic bag (do not discard them). Your service technician will collect used toner cartridges.

Depending on your conditions of use, the color may become light or the image blurred.

When toner runs out while the home screen is displayed, the [Toner Empty] message appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

When the toner runs out,sharp al 2021 toner printing is stopped and the message Change the toner cartridge. appears.

If the cartridge is pulled out abruptly, toner may spill out.

If a toner cartridge other than a SHARP-recommended toner cartridge is used, the machine may not attain full quality and performance and there is a risk of damage to the machine. Be sure to use a SHARP-recommended toner cartridge.

Slowly insert the new toner cartridge on the level.A toner cartridge of a different color cannot be installed. Be sure to install a toner cartridge of the same color.

To view the approximate amount of toner remaining (indicated in %), hold down the [Home Screen] button during printing or in standby mode.

If you continue to use the machine without replacing the cartridge,sharp ar 310 toner the following message will appear. Once the machine enters this state, printing cannot be carried out until the toner cartridge is replaced.REPLACE sharp mx toner MENT OF

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